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Netflix Price Increases: A Social Media Case Study

November 7, 2011

In my last post, I examined how Netflix’s communication style contributed to the problems they’ve been struggling with since July. In this post, I’ll cover a few of the social media blunders Netflix committed throughout this communication spiral.

I firmly believe rules are meant to be broken. But there are some rules—even in the ever-changing social media world—that you’re better off following or being really sure you understand the repercussions if you don’t.

In Netflix’s case, they committed two ginormous no-nos after announcing their new pricing on July 12: saying nothing and deleting posts.



Communication Strategy: “A” Is for Audience

March 25, 2011

Whenever I hear “social media should be real, transparent, and audience focused,” I find myself nodding and wondering at the same time. I agree. It should. But why stop there? All communication should be that way. If it were, it would be way more successful.

Fresh from graduate school, where all I studied was communication—how we humans communicated, what worked, what didn’t—I approached every marcom project as a communication vehicle. My view: it didn’t matter how snappy the writing was or how cool the design looked, if it didn’t resonate with audience—if it didn’t communicate—the chances of success were slim.

Fast forward 15 years, and the mantra of “real, transparent, and audience focused” is heard everywhere—but only for social media. It’s a start, and I love it. But let’s make it the mantra for all communication.



Social Media Campaigns: What Makes a Home Run?

March 21, 2011

While preparing course materials for the new social media campaign class that I’m teaching at SFSU College of Extended Learning, I had the pleasure of revisiting several great campaigns from the past year or so: Old Spice Guy and Old Spice Guy Responses, Live Off Groupon, DEWmocracy, and MTV/Foursquare’s GYT to name a few.



AVE Consulting Plays Integral Role in Innovative Social Media Marketing Program at San Francisco State

March 14, 2011


Avery Horzewski Named Program Advisor and Instructor for First College-Level Social Media Certificate in Bay Area

San Jose, CA – March 14, 2011 – AVE Consulting (AVE) today announced its participation in a new Social Media Marketing (SMM) Certificate Program at San Francisco State University’s College of Extended Learning. AVE President Avery Horzewski was named program advisor, along with Susan Barnes, and will teach the program’s course on social media campaigns.

“Social media is no longer a fad, but rather a bona fide communication tool,” said Horzewski. “Whether you like social media or not, if your audience does, you need to consider it —seriously. This program gives marketers the information and tools necessary to manage this communication channel effectively and integrate it into their overall marketing strategy.”



A Skeptic’s View of Social Media: Revisited

September 22, 2009

Social MediaThis post originally appeared on the Women in Consulting (WIC) blog. I thought it worthwhile to share with others contemplating social media that at the outset I didn’t embrace it. I was skeptical. I entered into it solely because it was necessary in my role as a communication consultant to understand all ways in which companies can engage their customers. How else could I guide them through the assessment process and help them make the best decision.

Without a doubt, every company should explore the various social media tools in light of their audience(s) and what’s important to them — just like you would any other communication tool. In fact, while speaking at a meeting for the International Association of Professional Administrators, a participant said she didn’t get Facebook pages and asked why she or her company should care. We were looking at DirecTV’s page at the time.

My response: It doesn’t matter if DirecTV (or your company) “gets” social media. What matters is 14,000+ fans do. If customers and prospects want to interact with you via social media, then it’s a mistake to ignore this channel because you don’t like it or “get” it. It really isn’t about you. It’s about them.