About the AVE Consulting Blog

Welcome to the AVE Consulting blog — a blog that focuses on all things related to communication.

My name is Avery Horzewski; I’m a marketing and customer communications consultant. For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved everything related to communication.

While taking an interpersonal communication class at De Anza College, I discovered there was a degree in speech communication. And I never looked back. Bachelors, Masters, and a bit of a Ph.D. later, I’m now putting my communication insights to use helping companies craft effective messaging and engage their customers.


I see the AVE blog as an extension of the work that I do with my clients, covering a wide variety of topics from marketing writing to messaging to website and social media strategy. But more importantly, I want this to be a place for an open dialogue about communication topics — both within and outside the business world. The more we understand communication, the more we explore different perspectives and insights, the more we can use it effectively to build relationships and not walls.


Visitor comments are encouraged — in fact, the more the better. I believe that everyone benefits from discussions, constructive feedback, and different perspectives. It’s that communication thing that I like.

Please keep comments open, honest, respectful, and relative to and consistent with the topics, and don’t include irrelevant links. Relevant links are welcomed and encouraged. As long as the comments meet these requirements, I’ll allow them. I’ll review, post, and respond to all comments in a timely manner. Depending on the content, not all comments will receive a response.

Note that all comments will be reviewed prior to public posting. Comments containing derogatory or defamatory comments, spam, profanity, or inappropriate language won’t be published.

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