Life Happens and Other Stuff I Learned this Past Year

A little over a year ago, AVE launched a new website that included a blog. I had every intention of blogging regularly. In fact, you should see the list of blog topics I’ve compiled during the past year. But then life happened.

It started with one loved one almost dying at the beginning of the year and finished with another one being hospitalized at the end of the year, with a host of similar “stuff” in between. At the same time, I began my two-year tenure as president of Women in Consulting and was blessed to be busy with client work.

So, I violated every best practice known to man and let my blog sit virtually untouched. But while horribly embarrassing, it underscores another best practice I hold even higher:

Put your audience first

My clients cared most about my execution and deliverables and that I was available for them, not whether I blogged. I chose to blog, because:

  1. I want to demonstrate the best practices that I coach my clients to follow and teach at the Social Media Marketing certificate program at SFSU College of Extended learning.
  2. I love to teach and share knowledge, and a blog is a perfect vehicle for that.
  3. It’s fun.
  4. It’s an opportunity to write in my own voice, join the conversation, and meet new people, some of who will become clients.

Since blogging was a secondary need for my clients—and a higher priority for the WIC blog (where I post regularly)—I opted to let it slide.

While having a blog and doing nothing with it is not a practice I advocate, listening to your customers and where and how they want to communicate with you is. So before launching into social media, figure out what your audience wants and start there—but definitely still consider a blog. It’s one of the best communication tools out there for sharing your expertise.

As for my blog, this post is my stake in the ground, my recommitment to blogging regularly and practicing what I preach. And in all honesty, this post is really just for me. I was embarrassed by my lack of posting this past year and wanted to explain it. Those who join me here in all likelihood don’t care. 🙂 But sometimes it’s okay if your motivation is self-focused, just be open about it.

So have you ever let your social media channels slide? If so, how did you get back in the swing of things, and what tools and best practices did you use to stay engaged regularly?