Netflix’s Communication Style: A Study in What NOT to Do

I must confess that I have a soft spot for Netflix. I worked there briefly eons ago when the company was in its infancy and I had briefly toyed with joining the dark side and leaving consulting. 😉 Back then, Marc Randolph was CEO. I liked Marc. I liked the product. And I just knew the company would do well, and it did—something my husband likes to remind me of from time to time, since I didn’t stay long enough to vest.

So, given this fondness, I was sad to see Netflix make such a muck of things these past few months. Some say its arrogance. Some say its greed. Some say Netflix is just moving too fast. The latter is not new.

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Effective Customer Communication: Three Key Factors

A while back, I answered a question posted on LinkedIn. The original question related to whether the person should use first person or third person for team bios. However, the advice I offered applies to any customer-facing communication, be it your website, marketing collateral, or social media tool. Just substitute your 100 percent genuineparticular activity for “bios/site” and what I wrote still applies.

No matter what customer-facing communication you’re developing, be it your website, marketing collateral, or social media tool, there are three factors you should consider when making decisions: your audience, your company’s personality, and best practices – with audience being the absolute most important one. That may seem obvious, and most people would nod their heads in agreement, however, it’s often not what companies do. Continue reading